I spent most of the day yesterday being inspired by the most incredible stories and people… so when I got to my mom’s house and saw the last patch of sun in her garden, I decided to use it for my photo.

Isn’t the sun just amazing?  I love the way that light dances around things as the sun is setting.  It’s also so exciting to hear about the technologies being developed to harness that energy to make life on this planet better… and more sustainable.

I spent part of the morning yesterday at a lecture at work by Singularity University (probably hands down the best lecture I’ve been to at work)… it was all about innovation and what is being developed right now int he world. Some of it I knew, some I’d vaguely heard about and other things were similar to science fiction movies.  We watched videos about 3D printing of prosthetic legs, gene therapy, 3D printing of houses etc etc… if you’re interested they have a YouTube channel full of videos about future tech etc.

Here’s one to get you thinking…