I had my birthday picnic on Saturday at the Walter Sisulu Gardens with family and friends, and it was glorious! Glorious weather, glorious company, glorious venue… I basically loved it!

It was perfectly relaxed and just what I needed 🙂

I posted all the photos on my photography blog if you’re interested, but here are some wordy thoughts about the day…

 You see the kids on the blanket?  You know what they did?

Bradley, Angelique, Ethan, Connor and Jordan climbed to the top of the waterfall on their own!! In one way, I’m not very happy that they did it, cos they could’ve really hurt themselves or got seriously lost considering the size of the gardens… but in another way, I’m quite proud that they got back alive and kicking! Not only that, but they split up on the way down, and Angelique was left with the 2 younger kids… while the 2 bigger boys ran off together.

My sister and brother and few other people had been following them to the base of the waterfall (which is where they told me they were going), but didn’t find them at all, and they also climbed part of the way (sounds like it may have been to try and find the kids).

Hectic guys!! Thankfully I only knew about it when they got back safely!

Anyhoo, I loved that so many people came, and that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

I only realised when I was posting the photos on Saturday that I’d had a picnic for my 30th too!! How bizarre… except this one was with more friends.  For my 30th, we went to the Picnic in the Park at Hyde Park in London with 90000 other people and watched Rod Stewart, Dianna Ross and a few other stars.  It was amazing!

I ordered 5 dozen cupcakes from The Cupcake Lady for the picnic… they were a hit!! The cappuccino flavoured and purple velvet cupcakes were the talk of the afternoon, and there were only 3 Earl Grey flavoured cupcakes left at the end.  As for the cakes that my kids decorated for me…. I LOVED them 🙂 I could see however that Bradley wasn’t all that sure about his creation… but I thought it was gorgeous… he had so many reasons behind placing each flower and butterfly 🙂

It was an awesome afternoon.. just should’ve had more to drink 😉 my own fault really because I was chatting so much… and even then I didn’t get to really chat to absolutely everyone… which stresses me out a little!

Anyway, so that’s that… my 40th is over.

And if you’re wondering about that bucket list project… hrmph!! It got abandoned! I’ll keep going though and mark the items off… but as and when we get money… I didn’t think about how much it would cost to do it all!! LOL!