As you know, it was Elaine’s birthday (my blogpost 2 days ago with the girly lunch ;)).  Bryan bought her a camera… a really funky instant camera, the Fujifilm Instax Mini which prints photos like a polaroid… OMW what fun!! I wouldn’t mind one to have some fun with actually.

Anyway, we went to my mom’s house today for tea (and her famous chocolate cake) and she took a photo of the kids.  

I love the idea of the camera actually… it’s got no zoom, and uses the flash a lot… but the film you can buy for it is ISO800, so it’ll work for any situation really… and I just love the vintage look you get with the images.

Her idea is to create a space on her wall to display them in a way that she can change them when she gets bored…  so I took a quick hunt through my blogs on my reader, and found a few idea for her… rather than take images that don’t belong to me, I’ve hyperlinked the text to the relevant blog post.

1.  “we mounted magnet boards from IKEA in series and then used mighty bits magnets to secure random prints and proofs on them. we can post bunches of our favorite images and switch them out and around whenever we feel like it.”

2.  Mounting photos on a wire with with either little pegs or hoops.

3.  Get a board, and some see-through thumb tacks and display them in a shape

4.  A DIY frame with wire and clips… I actually really like this 52 week Instax project

Oh and we were talking about how to store them… found these Instax albums and cool boxes and things 😉