I’ve done Connor’s updated list, so here’s an attempt at Bradley’s.  The older he’s getting, the less likely he is to answer the questions I want answers to!! Bradley’s last list was done in October last year, and that time he actually did give me answers.

This time, he answered a few, and then for the rest shrugged his shoulders, said “I dunno” repeatedly, and eventually said “But Mom, I have lots of favourites, I can’t choose!”… so some I’m doing from my knowledge of what he likes and dislikes 🙂

TV programme:  Mr Bean… yip the old re-runs
iPhone App:  Deer Hunter… this week anyway
Meal:  homemade hamburgers; and mince and mash; and boerewors (or actually any sausage even though that’s likely to contain sulphur… which he’s allergic to)
Fruit:  the only fruit he eats now is watermelon
Vegetable:  mashed potatoes and carrots and broccoli
Breakfast:  Eggs… either omelette or toast soldiers or fried egg on toast… with LOADS of bacon
Drink:  coffee or chococcinos or Lemonade
Drinking yogurt flavour:  strawberry
Sweets:  Liquorice

Chips/crisps:  plain salted Lays or Pringles
Toy:  Nintendo DS Lite
Colour:  blue… always blue