I received a Petite Box by courier this morning and I think it’s awesome. I’ve tried a sample box before and wasn’t impressed with that one, this is different though!

Petite Box is the new mommy and mommy-to-be sample box offer by Glossy Box and they have 3 types of boxes that you can get in 2 different formats.

You can get a monthly box for R130 per month, and it’ll contain things aimed for you… based on your due date, or baby’s birth date.  Or, you can buy a gift box from them, which seems to have more goodies inside, and those are R345.

The box I got today included the following goodies:

  • A Keedo t-shirt age 3-6 months… just that alone makes the box worthwhile!
  • Elisabeth Anne’s Baby Organic body wash and shampoo – this is sulphur free btw so it’s a WIN in my book!!
  • 2 Olli butternut puree jars – organic so huge WIN!
  • 2 Oh-lief Natural olive bum balm – smells so very yummy with lavendar and bees wax!
  • So Pure hand sanitiser – again mostly natural and fragrance free


What works for me?

  • Fantastic gift ideas for people going to baby showers!
  • Love that the signup process includes the age of your baby, so that you get the right stuff… on a not too good note… it doesn’t include the sex of your baby.  Although the t-shirt is awesome, I’m going to have to give it to a boy’s mommy (it’s burnt orange and blue).
  • The products are mostly local and LOVE that they’re mostly natural and organic!!

And if you’re wondering… no, I don’t have a baby, and not planning on having another one… but I do have loads of friends having babies and this will be gifted to someone 🙂