04.09.2012 between 10:55am and 1:51pm 

Day 2 of my home holiday and I took the boys to the Pretoria Zoo for a few hours. It was fun, dusty, hot and very dry… and also the first time that I’ve ever been there!! I was looking forward to seeing animals that weren’t in the Joburg Zoo… and that didn’t disappoint… we loved the komodo dragon, Okapi and the koalas and the red kangaroos.. and of course the sharks and fish in the aquarium.

We also LOVED the cable car, and the view of the city from the top of the “mountain”, and the walk down the “mountain” past the ground hornbills.

Komodo dragon at the Pretoria Zoo

OMW these school kids drove me batty at the shark tank. Their teachers were nowhere to be seen, and everytime the poor sharks swam around their tank, the kids would scream on top of their voices!!

Cable car at the Pretoria Zoo

As close as he’s going to get to a leopard 🙂

Love the reflection of the cable car cables in Bradley’s glasses, while we went up the hill

Cable cars at the Pretoria Zoo

Hey that’s me…. taken by Bradley in the cable car

The view from the top was magnificent and we could even see the Union Buildings (which I’ve also never ever seen IRL… I really need to drive to Pretoria more often)

View of Pretoria from the Zoo

The hornbill enclosure was at the top of the ridge

On the way down…

What we didn’t love… many of the food and ice cream stalls were closed today, as were a few of the loos… big problem with kids on a hot day.    We also didn’t love the main restaurant area… it’s really shabby compared to Joburg Zoo.  We didn’t love that many of the pathways were closed and that many of the animal enclosures were empty and pretty small (seriously, what’s a zoo in Africa without a LION??!!).  We didn’t love that it felt run down… although I’m hoping that the closed walkways means they are fixing it up!

But we did love the day… it was an adventure!

PS.  I did regret only taking the 50mm lens in the end, but glad I didn’t have to carry a heavy camera bag