25.09.2012 6:12pm

Bradley has had a headache and an on-off fever since Saturday evening so I took him to the doc today… turns out it was just sinusitis… thankfully that’s easy to fix πŸ˜‰ I know it may sound strange, but I struggle with what meds to give him which is why I didn’t really mind paying what I did to get a proper opinion. The kids stuff doesn’t work, and I can never work out if he’s old enough for adult stuff… turns out he can take Mypaid for the pain (and Nurofen for adults is slightly too strong for him), and he got a new natural sinus syrup that’s apparently working well with all the viral infections going around at the moment

He’s not at all impressed that he’s sick right now. Β It’s his school play on Thursday evening and he has a speaking part and he’s missed the dress rehearsal now.