16.09.2012 1:48pm

Bradley spotted this Lego Technic set at ToyZone this morning, and bought it with his pocket money… and then spent the next few hours building this crane.  Connor helped for a little bit but soon lost interest and went to play Skylanders on the XBox instead 😉

These Technic sets are awesome because there are 2 variations in the box, but now Bradley doesn’t want to break the crane down to build the digger 🙂 and he was thrilled with this one because it has so many moving parts!

It was the perfect thing to do on a lazy Sunday 🙂

Well, I say that, but we actually didn’t have that much time to laze around.  I took the kids out for breakfast this morning, and after popping into ToyZone, we went to a cycling shop.  I’ve decided that now that Connor can ride without training wheels, I’d like to ride with them on the road.  So that was the aim, to price a bike for myself and new bikes for the boys.

I could only laugh though at the salesman.  I told him why I was looking for a bike, and he took me to retro bike with a basket and no gears?!  Bwahaha!! Imagine me trying to keep up with the boys with a bike without gears!! I know it would look retro and all that, but seriously, not a

good idea where I live with all the hills etc.  Bradley promptly told me that I’d need to get a puppy to put in it 😉 Then he started confusing me with options.  Turns out I know very little about bicycles anymore, and they’ve changed one hell of a lot since we did the Argus 10 years ago (the last time I rode)! So, now I have no idea what I want to get anymore.  I did quite like the Giant Revel 3 though… except they only had it in pink!


As for the kids, Connor made a beeline for a spiderman bike with a proper chair looking seat, and thankfully I managed to convince him that he’d never be able to get up a hill with that seat.  And Bradley decided he wanted a proper mountain bike now with gears.  I saw some lovely options actually that I think will be added to their Father Christmas list.  But what we will do next, is go to a proper cycling shop next time (like Linden Cycles), and get ourselves properly sized instead of the guy at Cajees today guessing what size would work!!!