13.10.2012 6:10pm

Bradley was thrilled to get his pen license today!! In Grade 3, at their school, once their handwriting gets to a certain level, they are presented with their pen license during assembly. ร‚ย His handwriting has never been very neat, yet, it’s improved remarkably since he’s got glasses ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re so very very happy for him… he’s been dying to be able to use a pen at school.


In other news:

  • Just a random note… if you’re in a VC remember to turn off your mike if you don’t want people to know what you’re saying about them and their hairstyles… I heard today that my hairstyle is typically South African and that’s why my face reminded them of someone. Nice!
  • The car guards at Honeydew Village, where my camera was stolen out my car, told me today that they stopped a gang trying to steal a laptop out of a “fancy” car yesterday evening… 4 guys who came up to the car just after the owner left it… and he locked his car… just like me. ร‚ย The car guards saw the one dude open the boot, and realised he wasn’t the owner and then shouted and ran to the car… because it was peak hour at the centre the dudes ran away!
  • I finally submitted my entries to this year’s iPhoneography exhibition… and then just as I pressed submit, I found a nicer image… go figure!! Oh well, I hope I get to show an image this year… last year was HUGE fun!