19.09.2012 8:16pm

Got home late again today… I met a potential client for coffee… and then realised the kids were showering when I got home and grabbed the camera again… my poor kids… although I’m loving playing around with the shower glass 🙂

In other news…

  • Realised that I have 4 weddings booked for October… holy moly! Best I get my editing cap on!
  • Have been checking out the new 6D… decided to aim my savings at the 5Dmiii instead
  • I had to explain why I was fun, fabulous and influential today in 50 words… OMW did I struggle?! I cannot sell myself… I always do SUCH a bad job!  Which reminds me, I need to re-word my About pages on my blogs considering someone has “stolen” my words… no lies… someone has gone to the trouble of copying and pasting my shocking attempt at an about page!!
  • Got so freaking annoyed today with a company that sent me a confirmed invite for an event a week ago, only to send me an email today telling me I was on the stand-by list, and now they have confirmed attendance that they cannot accommodate me… seriously?!! Isn’t that rude, or is am I being too sensitive?
  • I need new clothes, but can only seem to find the time to shop on the way home from work, which means that it’s either Randridge Mall or chinese shops at Honeydew Village that I buy at now… and it annoys me immensely that Woolies decided to remove all the Studio W clothing from the Randridge shop… I refuse to buy from the Classic range… seriously Woolies, it’s not just kids and older ladies that shop there!! I really have to make time to get to a proper shopping centre… with proper shops!
  • As for online shopping, I cannot stand the search screens on Zando’s so I end up giving up when I go there.  Woolies online store doesn’t stock the full range of StudioW.  And MrP online I love, and I’m always tempted  because their clothes look so appealing on the online store (especially compared to the creased clothes in the chaotic brick and mortar store), but I can never figure out what size to get!
  • I’m determined to try them though, so I sign up for all their newsletters to see if I’d be tempted by their mails.  I like the look of 36 Boutiques but I think it’s expensive. I’m enjoying RunwaySale, but for some reason haven’t bought anything from them (can’t tell you why).  Oooh and Citymob I like cos they always have such different stuff!

OK enough rambling… can you tell I’m procrastinating and have thousands (literally) of images to edit?