23.09.2012 4:20pm

We took the dogs to Delta Park this afternoon, and it didn’t take long for the kids to start whining about the hills etc and they went scooting off down the hill to play in the playground.  Kimo and Kitara were in top form today, and ran and ran and ran… I actually struggled to get Kimo to listen to me today, which is unusual.

Anyhoo, the last 20 minutes or so I had to get Bradley back to help me chase them to get them on lead again so that we could go home… it was quite exhausting today!!

These are my favourite images… I just LOVE this part of the park!

To end the day… looks like Kitara hurt her foot again and she’s limping really badly again tonight 🙁

On a different note, I really need to change the layout of this blog, I’m so bored with it… am thinking of a premium layout though… hmmm… I need to go hunting for a nice one.