I got spoilt today!! I went to Possums Bistro in Parkhurst quickly today to catch up with some Girl Guides bloggers and the Sony team and I got to play a bit with the new Sony Xperia U mobile.

What a cute and sexy little phone! And they couldn’t have chosen a cuter bistro for the meeting either 🙂 Possums is in Parkhurst, and the walls are covered in artwork (which you can buy) and wines and colours and just stuff!! It was stunning, and the coffee was awesome and the food good too! Oh and they’re dog friendly! The owner’s poodle was at the door, and a patron arrived while I was there with 3 dogs, and water bowls magically appeared 🙂

Isn’t the artwork gorgeous?  I fell in love with a B&W image of an old man (it’s in the top right of this photo)… I should really do some prints of my work and sell them like this!

Yes, that’s Stacey of Lionheart fame walking past the till point, completely distracted by the decor 🙂

Isn’t the Sony Xperia U the cutest phone?  It’s a lot smaller than my iPhone (only 3.5″ display), and feels awesome to hold… and it’s so light!  It’s got this really cool light at the bottom that lights up in different colours! This one was shining pink 🙂 … so girly!  You get pink and yellow exchangeable caps in the box when you get the phone.

It’s an Android device and has got a 5MP camera, and it allows you to easily take a photo without having to unlock the device. It can capture 2D and 3D panoramic images with the camera too!

Even though it has a smallish display the touch screen is really very responsive, and seems to be easy to navigate.

I met Pippa for the first time today, and lucky her… she won the phone!!  I do like meeting new bloggers (well, her blog isn’t new, but YKWIM). You know the other 2 in the photo of course… Tiana from Girl Guides and Angie of Luckypony.

Oh and Nafisa… doing the tweeting thing 😉

I had an awesome time!! Just a pity I had to leave early and couldn’t stay and chat, and I missed out on the Hand treatments… but work was beckoning 😉