08.10.2012 6:06pm 

See those socks… I thought it was time I blogged about them.

Connor drives me bananas when he wears socks.  They have to be stretched and pulled until they can’t be pulled up anymore, before he’ll even consider putting shoes on.   These knee high looking jobs are actually ankle socks!

I’ve even tried getting secret socks for him just so that he doesn’t look like he does… but he refuses to wear them

And on the style topic, and because I’m too lazy to start another blog post… I had a wardrobe malfunction of note today!

I bought a new beige pencil skirt from Woolies a few weeks ago, and decided to wear it today for the first time.  Took it out, took the labels off, put it on… all good… looked good.  Then went around the corner to my desk to sort out my camera for the day, and went down on my haunches… and promptly SPLIT the skirt!! The entire seam split!!

So I decided to take it back to Woolies, with labels etc.  The lady at the counter did accept it back, and gave me my money back… but she had a smirk on her face.. I’m convinced she thought the skirt was too tight and that’s why it split.  And the customer standing next to me chirped something about her ability to gain 10kg in 3 weeks… nice!

I promise that’s not the case… the skirt had a slit in the front, and I checked it after it split, and I actually checked the ones in Studio W on the sales floor today too… the slit wasn’t reinforced like it’s supposed to be. I wonder how many other people have bought the skirt but are too embarrassed to bring it back!  I guarantee most of them have split.  It definitely would’ve split when I’d tried to get into my car, that’s for damn sure!

Anyhoodle… you want more?! Well, at 3:30pm, bearing in mind this is now the end of the day, a colleague looks at me and asks “Did you mean for your earrings to look like that today?”… only to discover that I’ve got 2 different earrings in my ears… both stones… different sizes… one amethyst, the other tanzanite!! Wonder how many other people noticed and didn’t say anything?

Here’s hoping I choose my wardrobe better tomorrow!