30.09.2012 2:40pm

The plan yesterday was to go on the guided Gold Mine walk through the Kloofendal Nature Reserve with Madelein etc, but that changed abruptly when it was apparent that the guide wasn’t going to pitch!

So, seeing as we had all packed water bottles and had our walking shoes on, and the kids were excited about this adventure, we decided to walk along the many trails in the reserve anyway.  Lance and I have been there a few times before for concerts, but we’ve never actually walked around the reserve.

It was awesome!! The kids loved their hike and we even saw some wildlife… well just a few dassies and a buck of some sort… but still 🙂

We only walked for just over 2km according to Madelein’s phone app, but it made us realise that the kids are ready for walks like this!! It wasn’t easy at times cos we walked up the “mountain” on really rocky and precarious paths, and then back down again.  Yay! That means we can go on walking holidays  again!

And the kids learnt to climb trees at one of our water stops

This was as we got to the top of the ridge… we spotted a buck on the next ridge, and Connor was trying to find it… I don’t think he did 😉

It was such an awesome afternoon… and free to boot!! We do want to do some of the guided walks one day though, Madelein has done the butterfly walk and the frog walk and said they’re fabulous for the kids.