29.10.2012 8:24pm

Bradley has a school project about weather that he has to deliver tomorrow.  It involves a poster and a 2-5 minute speech on a weather topic that he picked out of a hat.  The topic he got was Heatwave… not the easiest topic for a 9 year old cos the reasons why there are heatwaves are so technical!

Anyway, he’s done well with it 🙂

And as for the timing… with all the talk and news about Hurricane Sandy right now ,a lot of kids speeches should have been so easy to do!! It worked for us as well though, because all the warning and crisis websites were working real-time today and easy to use to explain how the public get warned about safety issues.

In my other news today… so VERY exciting that I can finally tell you about it!!

One of the images I submitted in May 2012 to aday.org was one of the 1000 chosen for the book called “A Day in the World”.  The book has just been published, and I’m thrilled that my photo of my kids has been included in it!  The photo is the second one on this linked blog post

I cannot WAIT to get my copy of the book 🙂

Oh and also exciting… I just got a phone call from the aday.org guys, and they’re going to be on the Expresso show tomorrow morning discussing the few South African images that were included in the book!! I’ll have to PVR it I think so that the boys can watch 🙂