26.10.2012 4:56pm

Yes it rained again today… I LOVE this!! Sometimes you just get magic when the kids do something you didn’t ask them to do.  I wanted a photo of him with his red hood on, and he made a beeline for the umbrella instead… saying “this would be a cute photo Mom”.  He was actually trying to spin the umbrella which is why he looks like that… and he was quite disappointed that my camera was too fast to catch the movement.  I love the angle and the colours!

I’m just hoping that it doesn’t rain tomorrow… I have another wedding!

On the subject of rainy days, and umbrella like things… we have so many mushrooms in our grass at the moment, so I took a photo withmy iPhone when we got home.  Connor didn’t quite like my theory about them being fairy houses.

Connor “Mommy, are there smurfs under there?”

Me: “Not sure my boy, see if you can see them”

Connor: “hmmm I think they’re hiding, they don’t like humans to see them”

He’s too cute 🙂

And the poll from a few days ago?  Well, looks like ya’all want me to keep doing what I’m doing 😉  and yay, not one person said I should stop! Here are the results so far…