28.11.2012 6:15pm

Bradley was desperate for a new bike… his old one was too small and is rather rickety now.  Because of his age and because we used to love riding, we wanted to get him a decent bike, but not something that cost a bomb (considering he’s stretching like a bean pole at the moment)

After going to Cajees Cycle Corner a few months ago, and they tried to sell me such expensive bikes, we decided to go to Sportsmans Warehouse (also because we’d bought Connor’s bike from them a few weeks ago… even though their idea of checking the bike for delivery was useless and Lance had to put the bike together again at home).

Well, now, if you’re buying for a small child, it’s quite easy and there aren’t that many options… and for Connor we wanted a bike with no gears, and it needed to be sturdy… and blue… so it’s pretty easy to find something.

Bradley is only 9 years old, but still, for his age, the choice isn’t that easy anymore.  There are different size options, and there are a multitude of different bikes to choose from, so you actually do need advice.  Oh and not forgetting that bigger bikes are more expensive too, so you really don’t want to make a mistake.

Anyhoo, so Sportsmans Warehouse had a few options, so we asked the sales guy to help us measure the bike for him to make sure it fitted.  What a waste of time! He got Bradley to get on a bigger bike, looked at him and said… looks ok, this is the one you should get.  Really?! It was WAY too big and Bradley had to stretch to get to the handlebars.  Lance quickly took over, and guessed which one was better… then started explaining the gears to Bradley.  The sales guy says “you guys know a bit about cycling” while listening intently and clearly hearing things he’d never heard before!

What a waste of time! In the end, once we’d decided which bike worked and which gear system was better etc (between Lance and myself… we used to cycle and we’ve done the Argus twice… now that you probably didn’t know), we told the guy we’d buy the bike.  But we didn’t want that one on the floor because the gears were damaged…the dude didn’t know what to say and in the end couldn’t find us stock!

So, we walked to Cajees around the corner.  The sales dude there measured Bradley properly.  We bought a similar bike with a better gearing system for the same price.  They also did a proper service on the bike before we took delivery (well, apart from pumping the tyres up!)

Moral of the story… go to a proper bike shop to buy kids bicycles!!

Now Lance and I just have to get bicycles!!