01.11.2012 7:56pm

I met my team from work at Parkers Comedy Club at Montecasino this evening for an evening of laughs… excepts I didn’t stay for the whole evening because of my editing (oh woe is me)

I ended only staying for the intro by Tony King and one set… which was an Australian comedian called Jacques Barrett.  So very funny!!   I’m so very glad I wasn’t sitting in the front though, because my colleagues sitting there got picked on 🙂

I think I need to go back with Lance. I’m not really a stand-up comedy fan, but he loves it, and would have thoroughly enjoyed the evening… except tonight he was babysitting 😉

Do you know how sad I am though?  I spent most of the set wishing I could take photos of the guy on stage 😉 to use the photos for my blog post! LOL!

Anyhoo, it was the perfect antidote for this grotty day that I’ve had.