02.11.2012 7:58pm

Friday night was awesome! I met Fiona and a few girlfriends at John Dory’s at Montecasino for a fishy meal before we headed off to the Teatro to watch the much anticipated Dirty Dancing (we bought the tickets months ago).

After reading Sheena’s blog post about the opening night, I was hoping that she was right and it would get better. Well, the set didn’t fall apart like it did on the first night, but the rest seemed to be the same.

I did think it was immensely funny.  The funniest part was the water lift scene… it was hilarious!! Not sure if it was meant to be funny, but even thinking about them dancing in fake water still makes me giggle.

I thought the dancing was good, excellent in fact… especially seeing how experienced dancers had to dance like they couldn’t hold a beat, let alone dance at all.  The acting? Well, here I’m not sure whether their acting was supposed to sound rehearsed and unnatural, or they were supposed to sound like that.  I just felt that because the way they spoke was wooden, you didn’t “feel” the story.

Guess I’m going to rent the movie now to see whether it was just as corny as the show was, and whether the acting was just as unnatural… ‘cos I actually can’t remember.

Well, I LOVED the evening! It was awesome to get out the house, not take photos (well, apart from these), and spend time nattering and giggling with friends 🙂 Thanks for inviting me Fiona!