23.11.2012 5:42pm

I know, I know, it’s not even December yet, and the kids have written their letters to Father Christmas.  No, I haven’t done the tree yet 😉 and I’m not planning on doing it until the 1st.

Normally the kids place their letters in the fireplace for Santa to collect on the evening we put up the tree.  This year however, there was a new plan.

A few weeks ago, Bradley’s friend Angelique asked her parents whether Father Christmas was real, because a few of her school friends were telling her it was a fairy tale.  They weren’t quite sure how to answer then… but sometime magical happened yesterday afternoon.

Bradley and Connor went to their house after school for a playdate.  At about 3pm, there was a knock on the door.

It was an elf!! The kids were amazed! I wasn’t there, so this is what Lance and the boys told me.

Connor and Angelique’s brother Jordan, were a little shell shocked and stayed back, while the 2 older kids asked lots and lots of questions.

The elf was apparently the same height as Connor, and he wore what elfs’ wear… except he was wearing running shoes.  Bradley said that was because he had so many other houses to go to!! He was there to collect Angelique and Jordan’s list, and he told the boys that they had to put their letters in the fireplace last night so that they could be collected.

Bradley was a little sceptical I think, but Lance said he checked the elf out properly, but was a little disappointed that he couldn’t see his pointy ears because his hat was pulled down too low!

Anyhoo, the kids came home and hurriedly finished their letters.  Not too sure how Santa is going to read Bradley’s letter actually, because the handwriting and spelling is atrocious (apparently because he was in a hurry).  I’m glad he finished it with a clear “Thanks” 🙂

Connor’s list was his own idea.  He cut out the pictures of the toys he wants from the ToysRUs catalogue that I picked up in the store a few weeks ago.

Well, seems the elf was correct… the lists had disappeared from fireplace this morning! Lucky boys 🙂