15.11.2012 5:12pm

The kids were in the pool when I got to my parent’s house this evening to pick them up, and boy was it a struggle to get them home!

I have so many thoughts whirling around in my head at the moment, and I’m not sure where to start… and which to blog about…

Things are changing again, and for the first time in a long while, I’m feeling at ease with the change that’s about to take place… not that I know where it’s going to take me mind you… but the fact that I’ve actually made the decision that I’m not happy with the current status quo, and the fact that I’ve voiced it, and that the process is moving along now, has put me in a better headspace.

Yeah, I know that’s quite cryptic, but a few people know what I’m talking about, and when I can talk more, I’m going to be blogging about it 😉