20.11.2012 6:20pm

He did it!! He swam on his own without any help from the shallow end to the deep end of the pool this evening!! My little boy is growing up! Look at the gorgeous smile on his face 🙂

We had no water this afternoon… the whole area was out for some reason… so we swam instead of bathed this evening.  It was the perfect evening to do it too after the scorching hot day, the water was absolutely gorgeous!  I’d just got home when I took these photos… and the car was still saying 31.5 deg C… after 6pm! Man it’s been hot!

I actually stopped at Pick ‘n Pay on the way home to stock up on 5l bottles of water… thankfully I bought a few because the dogs water bowl took an entire 5l bottle of water!

Thankfully we have a pool actually… for the purposes of flushing the loo!! And thankfully it was hot today and we could swim! We hardly have water cuts, in fact this was the first time since we’ve been in this house… and I’m extremely grateful for that!

How often have you had water cuts?  Do you have a fixed plan for them?

When I go to Zimbabwe, the buckets in the loos always make me think. Everyone has buckets next to the loos just in case the water goes out.  I’m very grateful we don’t have to do that!