08.12.2012 4:13pm

I’m sure that I’m extremely unpopular with a host of parents this evening.  We went to a party this afternoon, a girls party, and all the girls had pedis and manis and mini facials… while the boys played fussball and were diving on the pool cover like a slip and slide (not exactly a safe exercise, but thankfully there weren’t casualties)

Anyhoo, after the girls had their pampering, the 2 ladies doing it got our coloured hairspray and started spraying the kids hair.  Great fun! Now I’ve sprayed the kids hair a few times, and you’ll know if you read my blog, and from the sounds of the other mothers, they’d never let their kids spray paint their hair… not even for CANSA Shavathons!! The mind boggles!!

The moms were freaking just ever so slightly about this.  I told them… NO, don’t worry… this spray is easy to get out… in fact if they swim it’ll just rinse out.  No need to worry.

Well… after a good few hours of physical play, a few swims, a shower with 2 hair washes… the spray is still intact on the boys head! LOL!

At least the kids had fun right? 🙂 I really have no qualms about the kids doing things like this.