05.12.2012 7:03pm

He’s reached the end of Grade 3, and the end of his junior primary years… another milestone achieved 🙂 We were invited to attend the junior honours evening tonight at the school.  Bradley had his heart set on the reading award, and he thought that his friend Neo would get the Maths award.  I tried to tell him not to get excited, and maybe he’s just there to get a certificate for outstanding achievement 🙂 Well… he got the certificate…

And then, he got called up to received the Junior Primary Maths award!! How cool!! And check how big the trophy is!  He was grinning from ear to ear until he got home.  His favourite part of the whole thing… knowing that his name will be on a little plaque at the base of the trophy… forever!

We are so so very proud of you Bradley Bear… we had to stop at granny and papa’s house on the way home to show them the trophy (he has to take it back in the morning)

If you’re wondering how I took the awards photos… I was almost at the back of the hall.  Used my 5D mkII with 24-70mm lens on Manual at 1250ISO ss1/60 f2.8 145mm