09.12.2012 2:48pm

I may not have had any photoshoots this weekend, but that doesn’t mean I’ve had a quiet one.  After getting up at 5am to finish editing a wedding, and taking the huskies on an hour long walk/run through Delta Park on my own (Bradley was too lazy to join me), we headed off to Parys to visit MIL.

It was as hot as Hades in Parys… in fact so hot that the kids didn’t want to ride their scooters on the road like they normally do.  They played under the huge tree in the garden and eventually just lay in the shade… so very unlike the boys!  We were all quite glad when the clouds started rolling in, and the scenery on the road home was just beautiful with the bright green veld and the dark grey skies (took this through the passenger window at 120kph on the N1)

Wish I’d actually taken my camera to Delta Park this morning actually, that’s also looking gorgeous, but it would’ve slowed me down.  Although saying that, I probably should gone a bit slower, because after going around a part of the park twice (reckon we went around 4km today), poor Kitara is struggling.  She started limping as we got home, and by this evening she could hardly walk.

Suppose this means it’s back to the vet in a few days if she doesn’t get better.