22.12.2012 5:11pm

Not the most artistic of images for today… I actually had so much fun during my shoot that I forgot to take an image for myself. I quite like this though, because it’s real.  Graffiti.  Weekend traffic.  The only thing you can’t see are the people drinking outside the shebeen around the corner!

In the city 001

We actually also went to see a local house that has umpteen Christmas light strung up around it, and fought the crowds to see it… but yes… I actually left my camera at home so didn’t get a pic! I’m just very glad we aren’t that dudes neighbours! The road had actually been cordoned off tonight.  There were people having picnics outside the house… seriously! And someone was playing Christmas carols, and a Father Christmas even pitched when we got there.  It was really quite festive.