30.12.2012 12:30pm

My sister, her then boyfriend (now fiance), mom and I were the first people to jump at the Orlando Towers in Soweto this year… and we took my cousin (who is visiting from Cape Town) for one of the last jumps of the year yesterday 🙂 … in fact the dude that convinced her not to back out on the platform, was the same dude that convinced us 🙂

On her way up…

… and there she goes… she eventually fell backwards because they told her it was easier because she was chickening out at the top

And then we went to have a more cultural experience 🙂

I took them to the Walter Sisulu Square in Kliptown… where the Freedom Charter was signed, and now the constitution is engraved in this tower…

Each pillar holds a statue that represents the pillars of the constitution.

It was really quiet in the market at the square… and the place was a little unkempt but it was an amazing experience as always 🙂

Next time you come to Jozi, Daniella, we’ll have to show you more 😉