21.12.2012 5:41pm

Well, the world didn’t end… or rather it hasn’t yet 😉 but the Australians are already on the 22nd so there goes the Mayan theory.

I just love the formation of the agapanthus flowers, and they look just as striking upside  down as they do, looking at their purple blooms… and they look like fireworks from this angle too 😉

Whispy aggies 001

Today was my last day of work… the day job work… and I took the boys in with me.  Yay for a break!! When I get back in Jan it’s all systems go to find a new role!

The other thing I managed to do today is complete one more present… I’ve still got 2 to get… for my mom and MIL.  And Father Christmas still needs a few things to fill stockings.  How’s your Xmas shopping going?  Probably finished right?   At least I know what I’m hunting for!