27.01.2013 12pm

It was Bradley’s friend Angelique’s birthday party today and she held it at Gold Reef City.  It was a full day affair, and the kids had an absolute blast… and yes I had my camera only armed with a 50mm lens (too lazy to carry a heavy camera bag)

Bradley went on his first proper rollercoaster ride… on the Anaconda.  In fact, it was the first ride that we all went on today… brave kids!  Connor was most disappointed that he was too short for the big rides, but we went on the Grand Rapid ride as a family… that was FUN and we got wet in the process which was awesome considering it was such a hot day out.

Bradley went on a ride called the Tornado and it made him so nauseous that he decided that he didn’t want any more spinning or upside down rides… so when it came to the girls going on the spinning thing and then the Miners Revenge, there was NO way he was joining them.  LOL! Love the varying looks of fear on their faces on this crazy crazy ride…

And yes, Angelique was fearless today… well, after she came off the Anaconda saying she didn’t enjoy it… all the other rides were fair game… you can see her in this ride in the bottom ride cage.

Then Bradley and I went on the Jozi Express… a rollercoaster that didn’t go upside down… but was freaking fast and whipped you around corners sideways… and that was enough for him, he didn’t want to do any more.

Angelique on the other hand, decided that she wanted to go on the Tower of Terror… crazy chick! The car with 8 people goes to the top of the mine shaft… and then literally drops you underground!   That’s her in the front on the left next to her uncle.

Anyhoo… was an awesome day and we were super tired when we got home and in desperate need of a swim!