18.01.2013 8:48pm

Just after I post this, I’m going to do exactly that… go to bed and read a book.

I’m so over today.

My brand new iPhone5 got swiped out of my handbag at 6:55pm by 2 young black ladies in Cotton On at Cresta shopping centre… and yes that’s where it happened because no-one else came close to me.  And yes, the store has a camera so the manager will check it out. And yes, I reported it to Cresta’s security with the Cotton On staff… who uselessly didn’t even really care, even though the sales people told him that they’d chased the same 2 ladies out the store earlier today because they tried to steal a shopper’s handbag while in the store.

Bloody thing is, I hadn’t got around to adding it to my insurance.  And because of the police’s non-responsiveness to my camera getting stolen last year, I doubt it’s worth even reporting the phone stolen.  I have however used Apple’s most wonderful Find My Phone service, and enabled the “Erase” function, so when it’s turned on again, the device will be erased.  And I’ve blocked my SIM card and blacklisted the device.

Anyway, excuse me while I have a bit of a pity party. So much for editing like a demon tonight.

On the bright side… thankfully they didn’t have the time or the ability to dig around in my handbag or else the bitches would have got my camera equipment (I was carrying my 5DmkIII and 50mm f1.4) and my wallet!