28.01.2013 6:30pm

He was so desperate to play his Nintendo DS tonight that he sat in the book corner and played with it while it was charging

On another kids subject entirely… how often do you take your kids out of school for things?  We’ve never been on holiday during the school term and taken the kids out.

A colleague and I were chatting today, and he was telling that that the school principal at his kids school said that only 8% of the kids in the school had 100% attendance last year, and that a few kids had been absent for more than 60 days!  That’s crazy! Private schools have about 192 days of schooling in 2013… imagine taking your kids out of school for almost a third of the year?! OK, maybe they were sick part of the time… or maybe one of them is really sickly and has to be at home/hospital.  But still, that’s a LOAD of time to have to catch up in a year!