14.01.2013 5:49pm

You’d think they’d be sad today, considering it’s their last day of freedom for some time… but no… there was a definitely air of excitement around the house this evening.  School starts tomorrow… for Bradley anyway.  Connor starts on Wednesday 🙂

Bradley is so very excited about meeting his new teacher, and playing with his friends again and meeting new classmates.  He’s also decided to take up karate again… after a year’s break. And he’s going to be doing cricket.  And… and… and…

As for school readiness… my oath the cost of their stationary was hectic this year.

Oh and I’m going to have my 2 cents worth of an argument with the school… it’s coming! They decided in their wisdom to send out a note to the parents saying that the school uniform is only available at Sportsmans Warehouse and from the school itself.  To cut a very long and involved story short… after a Twitter rant and phone discussion with the manager at Sportsmans Warehouse… it turns out that they underestimated the number of uniforms they’d have to sell… by a HUGE amount.  Apparently the school told them that the majority of parents buy from the school directly, so they didn’t stock in huge quantities.

Really?! I cannot believe that the school honestly thinks that their tiny little room supplies the majority of uniforms for the kids if they’re only open at the most bizarre times during the day… there’s no way that parents that work all day like we do buy most of their uniform there.  We only use the shop if the stockist is out of stock or there’s something that only the school supplies… it’s far too much of a schlepp to buy from the school!

Anyhoo… looks like my kids are starting school with uniforms that are too small and ragged… well, until Sportsmans Warehouse can find me school shirts for them or  get their new stock, which is apparently going to be soon.

I must also say that the manager at Sportsmans Warehouse has tried her utmost to help me out, so I think I’ll come right in the end.

I just cannot understand how Sportsmans Warehouse were named as the only other school stockist by the school, without the school actually making sure that they could deliver what was needed.  The old school stockist has actually still got some stock too… just not in the size I need for Connor!