This has been a disaster of a week for photo delivery, everything has taken twice as long as I thought it would take, and although my plan was to finish my to do list by Friday, it’s not looking likely… which makes me quite anxious.

Not only is everything happening slowly, but I’ve recently discovered that the memory sticks I’m giving my clients now, do not seem to be working when I deliver weddings on them. Although the memory sticks are 16GB, if you fill them, the files seem to corrupt, and the corruption seems to happen over time!! It’s so frustrating, so I’ve had to redo a whole pile of wedding deliveries!

Anyway, so while I wait for my Mac to cut DVD’s I may as well show you some things that I’d love to get… all photography related of course!

First up, this awesome new Fujifilm X-F1.  Love the retro styling… I could so very easily put this in my handbag instead of lugging around my DSLR! It’s a point and shoot camera with a 25-100mm f/1.8 – f/4.9 manual zoom lens, and it has full manual settings too. Very funky! Although, a little pricey at R5299.



Next up, is something I STILL haven’t got myself, and I’m still dying to get.  I really want to get one before I go on holiday again!! It’s a Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet Optic.  I know, they’re really really not expensive at all, but I just cannot justify spending more money on lenses right now 🙁


It’s such a pity though… if you’ve never seen them before, check out Lensbaby’s Pinterest boards so you can be inspired.

And lastly, I really really need a Wacom tablet… if you’re wondering, it’s to replace my mouse 😉 and if you’re a photography that’s sitting with a gaping mouth… yes, I still use a mouse!