13.02.2013 6:06pm

Dear bad guys

I hate you

I hate that you took D’s life today

I hate that you hurt him

I hate you for what you’ve done to his family

I hate that you left him without help

I hate that my parents and their neighbours are not sleeping peacefully because of you tonight

I hate that his daughter had to find him

I hate that he had to die alone

I hate that I had to tell my kids that he died

I hate that we have to live behind gates and high walls and alarms because of you

I hate that we’re prisoners in our homes when you should be in prison

I hate that my boys had to learn about violent death of someone they know today

I hate what the crime is doing to this beautiful country

I hate what you are doing to South Africa

I hate that you’re teaching my kids about hate

I hate you

I hope you die painfully.