18.02.2013 11:09pm

What makes you think I didn’t feel like taking photos today?

Not entirely too sure why every Lego man I could find tonight had such mean expressions on their faces.

In other news, it was Derek’s funeral today, and I’m glad I went. I must say I did uhm and ah about it. He was an amazing man, and it seems quite surreal that he’s gone.  It sure still feels like his spirit is on that road.

In yet more news, I took the dogs for a walk today and Connor joined me.  Ho hum, it was supposed to be a relaxing brisk walk.  Turned out there was a child with one of those little motor bikes driving around the park… the real McCoy.  Not a great idea with all the dogs running riot, but anyhoo.  Connor took one look at this kid in her helmet going hell for leather around the park and screamed and cried and tantrumed and performed the entire way around the park because he wanted one.  Since when does a 6 year old have stupid tantrums like this?!  The dogs didn’t even want to come close to me… they ran and joined a pack up ahead and only sauntered back once he’s calmed down… which took a good 20 minutes! And if you’re wondering… yes, I eventually gave him a hiding after the reasoning and silent treatment didn’t work.