26.03.02013 6:10pm

My parents brought a box back from Cape Town last week.  It’s a small box, but contains all kinds of treasures.  Family treasures.  You know the kind… old family photos with dates pencilled on the back… an old small book of poetry… letters from loved ones… newspaper clippings… and an old flag.

My grandmother kept all sorts of little things in this box, including a few birthday cards and drawings that I’d drawn her when I was little 🙂

I found the photos fascinating.  In some cases they’re the only photos of certain members of the family.  The photos were dated all the way back to 1940-odd (almost sure further back too, but can’t be too sure).  Amazing!

My mom said that she and her brother spent hours reading through everything while she was visiting there, and she’s now sent a few photos of the photos to other members of the family around the world who are interested.

You know, there’s something to be said for keeping momentos. Mine is really my blog.  But the physical items are just uber special.