28.03.2013 6pm

Connor lost his very first baby tooth last night just as we were about to leave my parent’s house.  He was playing with Bradley in the garden when it happened.

He was so cute.  He came in shouting with a mouth full of blood and grinning.  Then when we went to the bathroom to clean his mouth, he asked whether he could put it back.  LOL!

Bradley was chattering away the whole time telling him about where to put his tooth, and about the tooth fairy and guessing how much the tooth fairy would give him… and also told him that sometimes the tooth fairy has too many houses to go to and only comes the following night.  Oops!! Guess those few times the tooth fairy forgot is engrained in his memory 🙂

So then, last night, there was the inevitable discussion on Twitter about what the right amount is for the tooth fairy to give.  We did the same as what we did for Bradley.  R50 for the first tooth, and the rest will be R20.

He was expecting R100 because some of the other kids in his class have got that, and Bradley said that his friends got that.  Too bad though 😉  and he’s thrilled with his loot this morning.  He woke us up at 5am to tell us the tooth fairy had in fact remembered 🙂

How much does the tooth fairy/mouse give in your house?