06.03.2013 6:32pm

Last night I attended my first Heavy Chef event.  It’s held every few months in Joburg and is well worth attending if you’re in the marketing game.   I’ve been following the events for months, and have always been too slow on the draw with RSVP’ing, so when the email arrived in my inbox saying that Yuppiechef and Woolies were presenting… I signed up immediately!

It was awesome!

Nikki Cockcroft from Woolworths spoke about how their E-commerce capabilities are set up and some of the challenges they face.  Their setup was impressive to say the least.

Then it was Andrew from Yuppiechef’s turn.  My word, Yuppiechef’s story is so inspirational.

In the first year, they only had 8 sales! And only one of those sales was to someone that wasn’t a friend.  It’s taken them 5 years to get where they are.

Love the way they thought about their branding and experience from the very beginning.  The fact that they’re still sending hand written notes with every order is amazing.

So anyway, I enjoyed the evening a lot!! I got to hear about 2 incredible companies.  I got to chat to ex-colleagues that I haven’t seen in a while. I got to network with awesome people in various industries. I came home with a fabulous Yuppiechef voucher.

And it was free 😉