09.03.2013 8:15am

Oh my word this has been an insanely busy day!  It started with Connor doing a karate fitness challenge at the school at the same time as Bradley taking part in a biathlon at school!

Connor was so very excited to do this fitness challenge, which happens every year for this group of karate schools in Johannesburg.  I was very proud of how he did… he managed 25 situps in 45 seconds, and did so well with the burpees and the shuttle runs too.  He was a little upset that he didn’t go home with a trophy but when I reminded him that he’s now got another stripe for his belt, he was uber pleased! They competed in age groups and did 5 challenges… sit-ups, burpees, skipping (which was a disaster for most kids), shuttle runs and bum squats.

On the subject of the disasterous skipping, I saw many of the moms shaking their heads in the crowd… just like me… how on earth do our kids not know how to skip?!!! I reckon there was only about 5 kids in the 200 odd that were taking place in their age group (between the ages of 4 and 7) that knew how to skip properly! That’s shocking!

I’m buying a new skipping rope tomorrow!

And while this was going on, Bradley was taking part in his first biathlon, he didn’t take part last year for some reason.  Anyhoo, he may have come last but I think he did exceptionally well considering he’s not a strong swimmer at all.  And there were only about 15 boys taking part anyway!

He was doing so well with the running, and was in the middle of the pack.  Then he changed slowly, and he forgot his glasses on, and then he got all tangled up in a bunch of boys in the pool. Poor kid!  He swam a lot better than I thought he would 🙂 love it when the kids surprise me like that! I’m so proud that he took part in it 🙂

Then it was home time, and time to get the gardener food and do a spot of shopping before I got to my 2 photoshoots for the day… I’m quite shattered tonight!