29.04.2013 11:30am

It was the last day of our holiday. Every day had been perfect beach weather, but we knew the kids wanted to go to the aquarium… so instead of heading for the beach for the last time, we drove into Durban to have some fishy fun instead.

We haven’t been to Ushaka Marine World since Connor was in a pram, so he definitely didn’t remember being there before.

My word, they loved it!! We got there in time for the seal show.  We’ve actually never seen it before… I found it quite cute and the kids enjoyed it.

Then, it was dolphin time.  The boys were enamoured by the beautiful dolphins.  The first part of the show is done by Gambit… he’s been at the park since 1976… in fact he’s been the star of the show every single time I’ve been at the aquarium… and you know I’m 40 😉 it was so special seeing him jump and leap and twirl and swim.  He’s beautiful! If I’d taken my long zoom lens I would have taken photos of him.


Then… drumroll… Bradley had a once in a lifetime experience.  He was chosen in the crowd to have a little dolphin experience.  He went up with 10 other people, and they had to stand next to the pool and dance and clap and twirl for the dolphins, who then spun in the water and raced passed them splashing them! It was such a pity that I only took my short zoom lens with me!!

He’s the one in the orange t-shirt…

Just look at his grin 🙂

Then it was Connor’s turn to be in his element… at the shark tank!  He just wanted to see the big fish 🙂

Yes, Ushaka may be expensive… but the kids loved it so much, and learnt such a lot… it was worth every cent.  They’re even more aware about environmental damage than before.

That afternoon, we went walking on the rocks in Ballito for the last time, and they were talking non-stop about all the little fish in the rock pools and comparing them to the big ones we’d seen earlier.