11.04.2013 7:58pm

It’s been a hell of a day.  My work day ended with a 1.5 hour trip in the most god-awful traffic, in which I stewed and stewed and stewed.  By the time I got home after picking up Bradley from a party and doing shopping for supper, I was in full frothy mode.

I was ready to stop doing photography, sell the house and buy one closer to Sandton, and get the kids into a government school… and I said as much… and I may have said it with a few tears and stomping of feet (my poor husband).

Anyhoo… after a glass of wine, a bit of Easter chocolate and supper… and a chat on Twitter… I’m now calmer and ready to hit the editing again.

I must say though, that I’m shattered and quite ready for my leave!!

You know, tweeters seemed surprised when I said I’d give up photography, but understand… if I do it full time, I’d have less time with the kids essentially.  I’d have to do more shoots on weekends, and I’d spend all day and night editing.  If I didn’t, my profit would have to be used to pay for an editor.  I’d never be able to replace my salary comfortably like that and have a better way of life.  And I can’t increase my rates much more than I’ve done already.

So, I’ve been true to my resolution about slowing down, and I’m only booking one shoot a weekend (apart from one weekend in May which is a little manic).  We’ll see if it works.