31.03.2013 12pm

Easter was the usual family affair for us yesterday.  The kids had an Easter Egg hunt at home as soon as they woke up… which was 5am yesterday! Then we went to my parents house to have another egg hunt with Erin… and we had a braai with too much food… and the kids crazily swam (the water is freezing already)

One thing that was very different yesterday however, was how I broke my son’s heart.  Bradley was asking too many questions yesterday, and after he asked why all the eggs had Woolies stickers for the third time and Connor wasn’t around at the time… I decided it was time to tell him the truth.

He was shattered 🙁 I actually thought that he had worked it out, but I was clearly very wrong.  He also asked me about Santa and the tooth fairy after the Easter bunny magic was shattered… and so that was explained too.

He cried for a bit, and then he was fine during the day, and came to get some help whenever Connor asked a strange question that he decided he couldn’t answer anymore.  But then, last night, he started crying again when he went to bed 🙁  poor kid.