08.04.2013 6:41pm

Don’t you ever wonder what the teachers think about the things you do with the kids on the weekends? After reading through Connor’s workbook that he brought home today, I reckon his teacher only thinks we take the kids to the shops to buy toys!

Instead of show and tell, Connor has to draw what happened over the weekend.  And the Easter weekend was the only drawing I could spot in his book that had a picture that wasn’t a shop and a new toy! I promise they do different things!! They do not lead a life that is that boring.  I do not always bribe them with toys.  OMW! I feel bad enough that I do photoshoots every weekend, and now this is just adding to my guilt!

And yes, there are a lot of exclamation marks in that paragraph 🙂

This was one busy weekend… with a cute easter bunny at the bottom (with a basket of tiny eggs) next to a large house… and a river for the boating we did, and even a cinema showing the movie we went to see 🙂