23.04.2013 4pm

Maybe they should’ve been hunting for sharks?

That may sound a little dramatic, considering you can barely find fish in the rock pools… however, this morning the weather was gorgeous and we were at the beach really early.  The kids had a ball in the water… and playing ball on the beach… and running amok… until the lifeguards announced over loudspeakers that everyone had to leave the water.  The reason… there were no shark nets!!

Really?! Not sure I believed them actually. When we got there around 9am we saw the boat in the sea checking the nets. If that was the case, why did they wait until 11:30am to tell everyone to leave the water? Makes no sense to me.

Anyhoo, the wind had picked up by then anyway and the tide was coming in and was really rough… so we were going to leave the beach soon anyway, but crazy story in any case!



Hopefully we can swim tomorrow cos the weather report looks promising!