10.04.2013 1:20pm

Connor and Bradley have been asking me to watch their karate demo for the last month.  So, I took the afternoon off today to watch them…. and do the parent/teacher meetings that happen at the end of the term… resulting in hours and hours at the school.

Anyhoo, first off, Connor’s turn with all the stacks of kids that he does karate with! They did their demo outside under a tree so that there was space for the parents to watch.  That class was chaos… with a few of the kids basically ignoring the sensei and dancing around.  I felt really sorry for their “sparring” partners.  Connor is too cute… he is so completely focussed on it and you can see he completely loves every minute.

Connor now has a white belt + 2 ribbons after this term’s grading 🙂

Then we waited an hour for Bradley’s class. Not sure if you remember, but he took a break for over a year, and he’s started again.  So, I was really surprised when we got his grading results today and he got a ribbon for his orange belt.  You could see he wasn’t confident during the class with some of the exercises… but he’ll get there.  He’s really enjoying it now.

What a massive difference in the size of the class!! His class has white, yellow and orange belts in his age group… and there were only 12 of them!

It’s such a pity so many kids give up the sport when it gets more difficult to fit in with cricket and soccer practise times.