21.04.2013 5:20pm

I love going to Wits for photoshoots, so you’ll have to bear with another client photo for my daily photo!  This is not the same editing as what I did for their sneak peek though… this is how I like it… the last time I edited a photoshoot like this a client complained though.  I prefer the images grainy and dark like this. Oh well!

Anyhow, I realised something today and it made me sad.  I waited quite a while for them in the city, and while I was on the street corner (LOL!) there was a motorcycling “gang” hanging out and other odd characters hanging around.  A while ago, I would have run up to them asking them to take their photos for my blog, but I didn’t do that today, even though I needed a photo for this blog.

There are quite a few reasons… I’m more cautious with my camera equipment when I’m on my own now… but the biggest thing is that I’m tired of editing. I could see the gorgeous shots in my mind, but knew i wasn’t going to have the time to edit them.

And now I could kick myself of course! There was an amazing image with kids hanging out a window.  The one with the motorbike spinning around and smoke everywhere.  The “gangs” outfits. And of course the gorgeous buildings.