14.04.2013 4:30pm

I was going to take photos at a bloggers tea that I went to on Sunday afternoon.  It was at a coffee shop called Gender Links in Observatory.  But I was so fed up, and frothy by the time I got there… and in a completely foul mood… that I gave my camera a rest.  The reason… my stupid GPS took me via Mayfair and Hillbrow and Yeoville!! If I’d listened to my gut it would never have happened, but by the time I realised what it was doing it was far too late.  Stupid Garmin piece of crap!

Anyway, it was awesome seeing Laura, Louisa, Mrs F and Marcia.  The place we went to… well… is a little strange and because it’s so out of the way, I don’t think I’ll be going back. But I really can’t review it properly because I don’t have photos.  Marcia found this deal on Groupon and we tried it out.  The buildings were incredible though… all stone with brookie lace… and the most incredible gardens.

The chats… well… were well worth the hassle getting there, and it was fabulous nattering away without kids whining 😉

So, when I got home, I bundled the kids and the dogs into the car with my camera and 50mm lens and we went to Delta Park to run… and play… and for the huskies to swim.

My word they love it there. I reckon it’s their favourite park.  They go completely looney and they just run and run and run.  Oh and hunt in the undergrowth, and jump in the marsh areas, and wade in the dam… oh and chase the other dogs in the park

I’m going to have to get the parlour to clean them now though… they’re so filthy!