20.05.2013 5:24pm

Bradley just wanted a cuddle today…  he’s been feeling really yuck the last few days, and he stayed at home today. I asked my mom to take the photo 🙂

My oath look how tall he is?!!

This morning I had to leave home early, I had a really early meeting.  Lance had to take Connor to school, and couldn’t wait for Beauty.  For the first time, we left Bradley at home alone, completely alone… it wasn’t for very long, but still (it was less than an hour).

Now, he’s 10.  He’s quite capable of making food, sorting himself out, sorting the dogs out, pressing the panic buttons… and he has his own phone.  My parents live very close by.  But I still felt uncomfortable leaving him.  Yeah, yeah, you people reading my blog from outside South Africa are probably gaping like fish by now… but remember the levels of crime we have in this country.

So anyway, my question for tonight… when were you left alone in the house?  And what do you think the right age is for kids to be left alone at home now?