05.05.2013 11:15am

Bradley is 10!! Double digits people!! That’s BIG!

Anyhoo, it was his birthday yesterday, and we took him and 10 friends to Acrobranch in Melrose Arch area for his party.  The kids did the first (for training purposes) and the second courses and had a ball swinging from the treetops 😉

In fact, it wasn’t only the kids that had fun… Nicole and Pierre joined in too, and went on the 2 bigger courses designed for those over 1.5m tall… and because that cut out a lot of the kids in the party, they did the lower courses.  Now that wasn’t actually a problem, because it was plenty high enough for them actually!

After being strapped into their harnesses, they went for a short demo on a small training course before hitting the little course… and then it was onto the proper course 😉  I think the parents were thrilled with the level of the training… I sure was!

How cool is the cake my mom made?  LOVED it! It even had stairs up to the obstacles and a zip line 🙂


1.  The guides were brilliant with the kids and helped them get through difficult patches and got their confidence going too.  If they got too scared, they helped the kids get down with pulley systems.

2.  The harness systems that were so well explained and pretty easy for the kids to use.

3.  The safety… one of the kids wasn’t putting both safety clips on the wire when he got to a tree… he was given one warning then told to get down. He was pretty upset… ok he was devastated but as parents we were quite happy that safety came first.

4.  Every person had a ball!

5.  My mom’s amazing cake 🙂 seriously, how clever is she?!


1.  My only issue with the venue… the lack of toilet facilities.  2 stinky porta loos were hopelessly inadequate! In fact, one of the moms drove to a garage close by to go to the loo!