23.05.2013 7:07pm

Kicking myself now… I should have had more photos like this in my 365 Project! This makes me happy.  Real photos of real people going about their normal day… telling their story.

I took this last night in a very very poorly lit restaurant without flash… at 4000ISO

I’ve been at a team-thing-offsite-etc this week and we didn’t go home last night.  Thankfully we didn’t have to drive to our hotel either… we only had to walk.  There were 10 of us at dinner last night at the Orient restaurant in Melrose Arch.  10 women… loads of shooters… loads of wine… loads of amazing food… lots of giggles… lots of overzealous story telling.

Hehe 🙂

It was fun, and the food was incredible!! It was great to let my hair down a little.